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Rural Living at Its Best

Discover rural living at its finest.  Serosun Farms is a unique conservation community that is situated within a 400 acre farm and estate.  It gracefully combines agricultural preservation with sustainable luxury and architectural significance.   We offer a rare blend of rural charm and high performance homes with every modern luxury.   Designed to feature the countryside, the estate features breath taking views that will endure for generations.  Weather you want to I've in a traditional farm cottage or a sprawling country estate home our development team incorporates your lifestyle and tastes into the design of your dream home.

Kid in the Field

Living Room View from Upstairs

Country Living Made Easy

Enjoy the benefits of country living without the responsibilities of maintaining a large rural estate.  We offer beautiful, spacious homes set in a rural estate leaving the crowds behind.   Enjoy your country estate farm with horses, orchards, woodlands and more. Let us take care of the farm.   You can be intimately involved in the operations or just enjoy the estate from your front porch.  Our homes are designed to be easily maintained and supported by estate staff leaving you more time to experience the country life.

The Finest Craftsmanship

Make your dream a reality. Our award-winning development team incorporates your lifestyle and tastes into your design, ensuring that your new home is personalized for you and your family. Each lot consists of approximately one acre of land, and every home is designed to suit the landscape perfectly.

A Green Lifestyle

Together we are setting a new standard in sustainable living.  As a ground breaking conservation community we are dedicated to responsible management of our natural resources and wildlife habitats.  Our high efficiency homes are healthier, more energy efficient and easy to maintain than traditionally built homes.  That means they will last longer and have a smaller impact on the environment and your wallet.  See how we blend this all together into a beautiful community.

Rural Retirement

Create a home in a place that old friends will want to visit and grandchildren can't wait to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house to play outside.  Create a generational home that will create and preserve cherished family memories and traditions.  All within close proximity to transportation, shopping, restaurants, and state of the art health care.  If you prefer to leave Chicago winters behind, Serosun Farms Estate Services can manage your home while you are away and have it ready for you upon your return.

Raise Your Family on a Farm

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to raise your family in the only farm estate community in Chicagoland.  Your children will grow up getting to experience the wonders of nature and farm life in a safe, idyllic setting.  They can live in a place where outdoor education abounds and farm life teaches them the importance of nature.  Their adventures range from exploring the woods to interacting with horses and farm life.  Fishing, horse riding, ice skating, gardening, and more await your families country life at Serosun.



A Second Home in the Country

Our Estate is the perfect weekend getaway. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city to a tranquil oasis.   Serosun Farms has acres of woods and fields  for outdoor activities or enjoy a quiet glass of wine on the porch taking in the picturesque scenery and sunsets. Relax and revitalize at your country estate that is an easy drive from the city.  Visit the farmer's market, enjoy wonderful meals from the bounty of the countryside, bathe in the fresh air and country sounds. 

A Place for Equestrian Enthusiasts

Serosun Farms is a paradise for anyone who loves horses.  Whether your a competitive rider or a hobbyist you'll love our state of the art equestrian facilities.  As a resident you'll have easy access to professional board and care and expert training for your horses.  Our horse care program in one of the best in the country with emphasis in high level fitness, nutrition and training.  And you can enjoy our world class facilities while living just a few feet away in the luxury of a world class home.

Live, Work & Play

Discover a better place to live, work, play, learn and grow.  We offer a happier, healthier lifestyle in a magnificent setting.  Contact us to find out how too start your life at Serosun

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